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Botanical Gardens Brest (Brest winter garden)

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Brestskij р-н, Brest, Мицкевича str., 28/1. km

      "Winter Garden" is open to the public December 1, 2010 (the area -. 595 sq m, height - 11,4m). Exposure greenhouses established on the basis of already existing in the previous academic hothouse plants with further processing new types of fund collection of the Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus. In the formation of expositions phytogeographical and systematic approach was applied, according to which the selection was conducted plants growing in different climatic zones, which gives an idea of ​​the natural plant groups. The interior space is divided into the exhibition: tropical zone, subtropical zone, desert zone (sandy, rocky, rocky).

      Collection of tropical greenhouse has more than 240 species. The exhibition presents a variety of plant life forms: trees, shrubs, lianas, epiphytes, grass. Unique exhibits: Beauty Araucaria heterophylla and Ficus Elastica (their age is over 20 years old) grew a little more in the old greenhouse. Experienced guides will tell you about the most interesting plants of bromeliad family, a lot of surprise collection of the oldest plants on earth - ferns (about 20 species). Here you will see how the growing Arabian coffee, the world's tallest grass - a banana. The greenhouse includes about 10 species of palms. Flowering orchids, anthurium, birds singing, the sound of water - all this leaves a lasting impression.

      An important part of the collection of subtropical zones are useful plants, which can be attributed to groups such as ornamental, medicinal, fruit. Some of them - came from humid subtropical climate, while others - "children" dry subtropics. Here grow, flower and fruit pomegranate is widely known in the culture of orange (2 varieties), lemon (5 varieties), grapefruit (3 varieties) Mandarin. You will see how to grow feijoa - one of the representatives of the myrtle family, sour-sweet dark green fruits which are a valuable therapeutic product. In the flowering period you will win a riot of colors blooming hibiscus, Pelargonium, azaleas, bougainvillea, lavender and rosemary.

      The most exotic visitor to our area of ​​deserts made by the Artist with the use of natural stone and sand, which is a collection of cacti and other succulents. Emphasis is placed on the agave American up to 1 meter tall, hairy and agave Queen Victoria agave, aloe terrible Echinocactus Grussona, molochaev.Posetitelyu collection given an opportunity to take a walk in the jungle, exotic woods and deserts at any time of the year.

      Based on the variety of hothouse plants, aquarium fish and ornamental birds, both live visual aids, training sessions are organized by the students of different faculties of the University in accordance with the curriculum. Guides "Winter Garden" is conducted sightseeing tours for preschool and school children in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge, environmental education and expanding horizons in the knowledge of environ-ding of the world.

      "Winter Garden" is intended to become part of the teaching and research complex, enhances the quality of teaching disciplines of ecology-natural areas and the formation of ecological thinking and learning of young people of the younger generation.

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