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Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema

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Minskij р-н, Minsk, Свердлова str., 4. km

     The Museum of History of the Belarusian cinema was built in 1966 by the decision of the Belarusian cinematographers and timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first film shot in Byelorussia - "Forest Story". At different times, this museum is located in a building at Belorusfilme, as well as the National House of Cinema (today here is the Church of Simon and Helena), and since 2002 it is located in a building which is a monument of the early 20th century, at ul. Sverdlov, 4.

     Today Minsk dwellers usually called simply "Film Museum". This is a real fount archive of Belarusian cinema, history gradual development of the Belarusian cinema. Unfortunately for us, in the museum stock store entrance can only specialists. For the rest of the visitors to the Museum often holds thematic exhibitions devoted to the present and the history of Belarusian and world cinema, personal and artistic displays, and shows films from the collection of foreign and domestic film classics.

     The expositions are located on the second floor (covers an area of ​​140 m²), and third (100 m²) floor of the theater Cinema Museum. On the second floor there is a well-known exhibition "Kinonasledie Belarus: achievements of different eras," and the third carried out all kinds of photo and art exhibitions .

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