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Victory Square

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     Victory Square in Vitebsk is the largest square in Belarus. Its length is 380 m, the width is 190 m, the perimeter is 1140 m, and the total area is 16.5 ha. Formed by the construction of residential buildings in 1960-1970. The architects A. Danilova and L. Einhorn were engaged in designing and creating the square.

     June 30, 1974 on the square created a memorial complex in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War - soldiers-liberators, partisans and underground workers of Vitebsk region, equipped with eternal fire. The area is equipped with a specially designed system of spotlights and lanterns illuminating sculptural compositions, paths and a fountain.

     It intersects two highways: Kiev-Leningrad and Moscow-Riga.

     In 2009, the reconstruction of a part of the square was started. On the site of the recreation area (square) a platform for organizing mass events with four fountains was built.

     Source: https://www.tuda-suda.by/countries/europe/belarus/vitebsk/ploshhad-pobedy-v-vitebske

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